The Qevyn Sugabear Carter Show

What the F*ck is he talking about?

Episode 005 “Do younger men think older women are desperate?”

Show Highlights:

Why does a man assume a woman is going to sleep with him as soon as they start talking?

Why do men feel like they have to have a lot of women?

Do younger men think older women are desperate?

And More…

2 thoughts

  1. Why do a man say we can only be friends, then when the woman accepts his friendship hangs out with him sometimes, he changes on her once he find out that she is in communication with other men

    1. Most men have a hard time sharing time. There can be a few things going on. The most obvious may be, he has someone and it’s his way of telling you that he can’t give you a lot of his time. He probably wants your time when he’s available. So when you’re unavailable due to hanging out with another guy, it’s intimidating and it’s a blow to his ego. The classic case of “wanting his cake and eating it.” Don’t be the “back burner chick”

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