The Qevyn Sugabear Carter Show

What the F*ck is he talking about?

A change from Shut The Hell Up! To When a Man Loves a Woman, to The Qevyn SugaBear Carter Show

Why the change? Shut The Hell Up and Listen was based on women thinking they know how men think and not listening to what men are saying. Whether the men are feeding the ladies a bunch of BS or truly being genuine in their pursuit of women. I want to portray men as men. We are simple beings that are perceived as aloof and game players. That’s not always the case. It’s my objective to show women and to teach women that men are who we are and the choices women make in choosing men can be better. So “When A Man loves a Woman” was born. I’m still going to be the “Shut the Hell Up and Listen” Guy, just on a new platform. Ladies, I got you! Nothing’s changed but the name. Love is always first.
It’s about to go down. More of my zany opinions and more of the same; Me looking to help the ladies better understand men and to help bring relationships to a better place.

Your host,
Qevyn SugaBear Carter

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