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What the F*ck is he talking about?

SugaBear’s Rant of the day!

I happen to work in an area where I see a lot of people all day. So when I’m kicked back and people watching, I observe a lot of different things happening.

The one thing that bothers me more than anything is when I see women walking past me they start fixing their clothes, tugging on shirts to hide their asses or cover their cleavage as if that’s what I’m looking at. Sit your ass down some where with that.

First off, you put that outfit on. You knew what you were doing when you left the house. All that tugging and pulling. Men are going to look. You know that. And you knew that when you put it on.

If you’re uncomfortable with certain men looking at you. Don’t wear it!

But you put it on. Deal with it!

All that damn tugging and pulling and covering up, when you walk past a man or group of men.

Embrace your sexiness, or the lack there of. Or don’t wear things that you know will garner some viewership.

Shaking My Head!

3 thoughts

  1. You might be ready a lot into the tugging and adjusting of their clothes. Some people cannot embrace the changing of their body and buy clothes that work for them. Yes we know men are going to look but that doesn’t mean that’s what we actually want. You can tell the ones that are really just trying to get attention.

  2. I’m not reading too much into it. It’s what I see. Just the other day while sitting in the airport lobby waiting to board my flight, a female walking by, saw me looking at her and she began pulling her shirt down in the back and moving her bag to cover her ass. I shook my head and was like…”Ain’t nobody looking at you like that!” It happens all of the time. I’m just saying, If you put the clothes on, and you’re going to a place where there are men, be comfortable, and stop thinking men are looking at you like that. The ones that want attention, are truly comfortable with what they’re wearing even if it’s doing too much. I know I can’t change the way women do things, but i wish they would at least wear something that they feel good wearing out in public without worrying about men looking at their asses. All Love Q

  3. Yes I feel some women put on these outfits for attention. Then they see someone looking and they beging the tugging as acknowledgement that they see that you are looking. Plus a lot of women getting dressed at home, feel sexy with clothes that Use to Fit! Then once out they realize they should have went shopping for a smaller size. Then the tugging and pulling is full insecurity of this outfit is too small and I’m uncomfortable with the women I have become!

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